KOKIY PARIS brings through its collections, a touch of modernity to a selection of traditional African aesthetics that transcends international borders, while taking up the classic codes of French leather goods.

French. KOKIY PARIS is more than a claw of leather goods, it is a story, that of its French-Senegalese designer, Rokiya Daffé. This one, imagines unique creations, mixing leather and woven loincloth.

The woven loincloth is obtained by the weaving on manual loom of cotton threads, fruit of traditional ancestral techniques, it is realized in Sub-Saharan Africa, with for each ethnic group, its particularities: Faso Danfani in Burkina Faso, Kenté Ashanty in Ghana and Togo, Baoulé in Ivory Coast or Diola or Mandjak in Senegal ...

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